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How To Flatten A Rug? | Step-By-Step Guide

by Rugs Dubai 25 Oct 2023

Rugs give a place warmth, elegance, and personality as well. However, they're hard to clean, and if the rug's corners curl under, they're hard to fix. And if you’re also looking for ways to restore a curled rug, Rugs Dubai, one of the world's leading rug merchants, will teach you how to flatten your rug in a few simple steps.

How Long Does a New Rug Take To Get Flat?

How Long Does a New Rug Take To Get Flat

There are various factors that can decide the timespan required to fix a curled rug.

  1. First of all, how thick was your rug?. 
  2. Does your rug have one or more colors/patterns? A rug with just one color is usually easier to smooth out than one with a pattern. 
  3. What is the rug made of? Is it made of nylon, wool, polyester, or some other material? What is the build quality of the fibers? Several of these things could affect how fast your rug flattens.
  4. A new rug is likely to be easily flattened if put in a room with the same temperature and humidity. 
  5. In a controlled environment, flattening a rug might only take a few days, but it could take months if you live in a house with drastic temperature fluctuations and draughts.

How to Flatten Area Rugs: The Three Most Effective Ways

How to Flatten Area Rugs

  1. Roll the rug the other way so that the fibers that have been bent lay in the opposite direction.
  2. Add water or heat to the fibers to loosen them up.
  3. Press down evenly and firmly on the rug to flatten it.

How to Get Spots Out of a Small Rug

How to Get Spots Out of a Small Rug

Small rugs are easy to pack down by using the weight of a mattress. 

  1. Put the flat side of the rug between the mattress and the box spring. 
  2. At least a week must go by before the result can be observed. 
  3. This works even for wrinkles and curls that are hard to eliminate. 
  4. The more the rug stays under the mattress, the flatter it becomes. 

You can use any of the following methods to get results faster or eliminate wrinkles.

How to Unroll a Rolled-up Area Rug

How to Unroll a Rolled-up Area Rug

The ends of a rug wrapped on a tube may curl.

The strands of the rug have separated and formed a tube, thus they must be trained to lie in the other way. The most effective method is to unroll the rug and apply gentle pressure with your hands, starting from the middle of the rug outward.

  1. Flip your rug and leave it in the sun. 
  2. This loosens the fibers and makes it flatter. 
  3. If it doesn't work, weigh the corners with furniture or other things for a few days.
  4. Flipping and reinstalling a huge rug can restore curled ends. 
  5. Tie a loose rope around it for a few days to mend it.

How to Make Curled Rug Corners Straight

How to Make Curled Rug Corners Straight

Curling the corners of your new area rug is as easy as rolling the rug backward. You can also put the corners under the rug for a long period of time. Stepping or flattening them will create a new crease, so be sure to avoid doing so.

How to Get Rug Wrinkles Out of the Way

How to Get Rug Wrinkles Out of the Way

  1. Heat and moisture loosen rug backing and remove creases. 
  2. Natural-fiber area rugs should never be wet.
  3. Warming the rug's back softens it. 
  4. Flip the rug in direct sunshine for several hours. 
  5. Alternatively, you can flip the rug and heat the wrinkled part with a low-setting hair dryer. 
  6. Keep the hair dryer 6–9 inches from the carpeting to prevent damage. Fold the rug's wrinkle in the other way, cool, and lay it flat. 
  7. This procedure cleans natural-fiber area rugs.
  8. Steam cleaners with upholstery attachments can be used to clean synthetic, cotton, and wool carpets. 
  9. Portable garment steamers can be handy too. 
  10. Steam the rug back alone.

How to Fix Damaged Carpets

How to Fix Damaged Carpets

Rug dents can also be taken out of area rugs with the help of moisture and heat. 

  1. Spray water on the dented fibers with a spray bottle, then dry the area with a blow dryer set to medium heat while fluffing the fibers with a terry cloth. 
  2. Put an ice cube on the dent overnight. 
  3. The water drips will lift the fibers, and the rug can be dried and fluffed the next day.
  4. Carefully remove the fibers with a steamer for clothes and a pick-style comb. 
  5. Keep the heat at least six inches away from the rug to avoid damage.
  6. Spray the crease with a spray that removes wrinkles, and then use a clean terry washcloth to fluff the fibers.

How Do Professionals Lay Flat Area Rugs?

How Do Professionals Lay Flat Area Rugs

Interior designers and rug dealers use professional spray to get rid of wrinkles in area rugs quickly and easily. 

  1. You should get a spray that can be used to get rid of wrinkles in drapes and furniture. 
  2. Spray heavily on the back of the rug where it is wrinkled or curled. 
  3. Let the rug dry on the ground. 
  4. Rolling the rug backward, steaming it with low heat, or putting something heavy on it is another way to flat it down.

Always Clean The Rug on On Both Sides

Always Clean The Rug on On Both Sides

  1. Vacuum the fibers, then vacuum the back of the rug to remove any still dust.
  2. Once clean, carefully wrap it and take it to your outdoor washing station.
  3. Place the rug at the station so the right side faces you.
  4. Use a mild carpet shampoo to clean the rug. 
  5. Get the garden hose and use shampoo to rinse the rug well.
  6. Work the shampoo deep into the rug fibers with a stiff brush and strong handle.

Steps to Rinse the Rug

Steps to Rinse the Rug

Follow the instructions and let the shampoo sit on the rug for the time given.

  1. When the time is up, use a hose to rinse the rug.
  2. It's important to rinse the shampoo well to leave no residue behind.
  3. The rug needs to dry, so squeeze it as hard as possible to remove any extra water.
  4. At this point, a squeegee can also be useful. After this, your rug will still be quite wet, which means you'll have to wait until it's completely dry to bring it back inside.
  5. Keep in mind that drying may take longer than a day or even a weekend.
  6. Move the rug to a safer place to dry, like the laundry room or garage.
  7. When the rug is completely dry, you won't feel any wetness when you squeeze it, and it will probably be stiff.

In The End

While curled up rugs can be frustrating, fixing them takes only a few smart moves and the results are completely worth it. Flattening a rug is a crucial procedure that needs to be carried out at least once by every rug owner. Hoping for this guide to be really helpful for you in addressing your floor rugs.

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