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Outdoor Rugs Dubai Ranges 2024

Outdoor Rugs by Rugs Dubai will be the best decorative addition to all your residential and commercial outdoor areas. We provide specialized weather-resistant and durable rugs and carpets for outdoors to help you design your dream decors. 

Popular Styles Of Outdoor Area Rugs 

These versatile all-weather rugs Dubai options work wonders for every space:

  • Reversible Outdoor Rugs: These rugs can be used from either side and are great for harsh outdoor environments.
  • Patio Area Rug: These durable rugs are made from Polyester and Olefin and have a Polypropylene backing.
  • Oriental Outdoor Rugs: These rugs have bold patterns and colors and give a luxurious look to every space. 
  • Shag Rugs: These fluffy rugs are extremely soft and are great for placing in decks, gazebos, and pergolas.
  • Colorblock Pattern Rugs: These vibrant and colorful rugs are excellent for adding visual interest to neutral outdoor spaces.

Size Ranges Of Outdoor Rugs And Carpets 

Here are some of the size options available for Outdoor carpets Dubai:

  • 2 x 3
  • 3 x 5
  • 5 x 7
  • 7 x 9
  • 8 x 10
  • 12 x 15

Advantages Of Using Outdoor Rugs Dubai

These are some of the benefits of outdoor floor rugs:

  • Attractive Decor:

     Adding rugs to your outdoors will help create an inviting and cozy outdoor decor. 
  • Durable Floor Covering: 

    These rugs offer long-lasting comfort and can be used year round. 
  • Easy To Maintain: 

    Our Outdoor rugs Dubai are extremely easy and cheap to care for.
  • Affordability: 

    With these rugs, you won’t need to invest in costly floor treatments and they are cost-effective as well.
  • Safety Enhancement: 

    Adding anti-slip outdoor carpets dubai is the best way to make your floors safe and comfy.

Styling Trends For Outdoor Floor Rugs

Consider these styling ideas for placing rugs and carpets in your outdoors:

  • Layering: Place two complementing rugs side by side or a decorative rug on top of plain carpeting.

  • Pairing With Coffee Table: You can place these rugs under small coffee tables for an attractive look.
  • Top Up With Cushion: Put a few complementing cushions or throw pillows on these rugs for a beautiful seating space.
  • Area Defining: These rugs can be used to separate and define different areas in all outdoors.
  • Mix And Match: You can combine different patterns, colors and decorative accents with these rugs to create a unique look.

Areas of of Install

  • best outdoor rugs for patios
  • best outdoor rugs for decks
  • best outdoor rugs for balconies
  • best outdoor rugs for porches

Maintenance Guidelines For Outdoor Area Rugs

Here’s how you can make your outdoor rugs and carpets last long:

  • Shake your outdoor rugs regularly to get rid of all the loosened dirt and dust. 
  • Regularly vacuum them to maintain a clean and attractive look.
  • Wash the rugs once in a while using mild detergents to remote stains. 
  • Store the rugs indoors when not in use. 
  • Try placing the rugs in shaded or covered areas to prevent fading.

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