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How To Choose Rug For Living Room?

by Rugs Dubai 26 May 2023

Rugs not only create an inviting ambiance but can also unify your space's design. But with so many options available, how would you select the ideal one for your home? This guide by Rugs Dubai will help you discover the ideal rug for your living room by examining materials, dimensions, and shapes. Let's get underway!

Various Types of Rugs

Various Types of Rugs

There are tons of rugs to choose from, and each one has its own unique appearance and features. 

  1. A popular variety is a traditional rug, which typically features intricate designs and patterns handed down through generations.
  2. Another option is a shag rug, distinguished by its lengthy fibers and spongy texture. These rugs contribute coziness and comfort to every living space.
  3. Natural fiber rugs made from sisal or jute can be a great choice for those concerned about the environment. They provide durability while also being environmentally favorable.
  4. Modern or contemporary rugs are always eye-catching. They feature geometric or abstract patterns that pair well with minimalist decors and always catch your attraction.
  5. With their one-of-a-kind hues and textures, vintage or antique rugs can lend personality to a living room. Even though they may require more maintenance than other types of rugs, they lend an undeniable elegance to any room.

Which Fibers Perform Best in a Rug?

Which Fibers Perform Best in a Rug

Rugs have a number of different construction materials and each differs in properties and pros and cons. Here is a brief description of popular rug fiber materials. 

  1. Wool is a preferred material because of its extreme durability and stain resistance. Moreover, it provides effective insulation throughout the colder months. Wool rugs, however, can cost more than those made of other materials.
  2. Rugs are also available with synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester. These materials are frequently less expensive than natural fibers and possess outstanding stain resistance. However, they might provide less warmth than wool.
  3. The fact that cotton rugs are simple to clean and come in a variety of colors and patterns are just two of the reasons why they are so popular. But remember that cotton floor rugs less.durable than other materials and may deteriorate with heavy foot traffic over time.
  4. Consider jute or bamboo silk rugs if you're seeking an eco-friendly alternative. Jute is produced from plant fibers, whereas bamboo silk is produced from bamboo pith. Both options are eco-friendly without forsaking design or quality.

Finding the rug material that best suits your needs, way of life, and personal style is the key to obtaining the ideal one. Spend some time doing research before making a choice to find the best fit for your property.

Dimensions of the Rug

Dimensions of the Rug

It is essential to choose proper measurements of rugs for your living room. A rug that's too small can totally throw off the vibe of your space, while one that's too big can make it feel cramped and uncomfortable. So measure your room and choose a rug that fits just right! 

  1. Consider the arrangement of your furniture first. If your settee and chairs are arranged in a conversational configuration, choose a large rug to accommodate the entire arrangement.
  2. Second, consider any architectural or design elements present in the room. For instance, if a fireplace or built-in storage unit is on one wall, don't center the rug underneath these objects because it will appear uncomfortable.
  3. Thirdly, consider the flow of traffic within the space. Leave sufficient space around each piece of furniture so people can readily move without stumbling over its boundaries.
  4. Before purchasing a rug, you should measure the available space; this will help you limit your options and prevent returns due to improper measurement.
  5. In addition to taking precise measurements, determining the proper rug size requires consideration of the furniture arrangement, the room's design elements, and the traffic flow.

Shapes Of The Rug

Dimensions of the Rug 

When selecting a rug for your living room, the rug's shape is an additional essential consideration. The correct shape can make all the difference in linking your space's design and functionality.

  1. When choosing a rug shape, you must first consider the dimensions and configuration of your living room. 
  2. A rectangular or square-shaped rug works well in larger rooms with more conventional furniture arrangements. 
  3. In contrast, circular or oval-shaped rugs are ideal for smaller rooms or those with non-traditional floor plans.
  4. Another consideration is how you intend to use the rug in your living room. 
  5. A rug with a geometric or abstract pattern may be ideal if you want it to serve as a focal point.
  6. However, a rectangular or round rug may be your best option if you prefer something that complements your décor while still providing comfort underfoot.
  7. Take into account practicality! Consider whether people will frequently walk over the corners and borders of the rugs, as this may not only create stumbling hazards but also accelerate deterioration in those areas.
  8. Before making a purchase, it is necessary to carefully consider the shape that will best enhance the aesthetic appeal and practical utility of any given space.

Color of the Rug

Color of the Rug

  1. When selecting a rug for the living room, it is essential to consider its color. 
  2. Choosing the perfect color scheme is crucial as it sets the tone and ambiance of every area.
  3. If your walls and furniture have a neutral color, add a splash of color with a vibrant or patterned rug. 
  4. Conversely, if you have vibrantly colored walls and furnishings, you should opt for a neutral or solid-colored rug.
  5. Consider the shape and dimensions of your living room second. 
  6. Larger rooms can accommodate bolder colors and patterns, whereas smaller rooms benefit from milder tones that create the illusion of space.
  7. Take any existing patterns or designs of your interior design into account. 
  8. If you have active wallpaper or upholstery fabrics with vibrant motifs, choose simple rugs that complement all these elements rather than clashing with them.
  9. Lastly, ensure that your chosen color scheme reflects your preference while complementing the décor style and practical use cases such as durability.

How to Wash a Rug

How to Wash a Rug

It is essential to keep your rug clean to preserve its features and durability. 

It's always important to follow specific cleaning and maintenance instructions to keep your rug looking fresh and fabulous. Depending on the rug's material, you may need to perform various steps.

  1. Vacuuming is vital for routine cleansing. Use a low setting and move across the entire rug's surface in multiple directions to remove grime and grit.
  2. For spillage and discoloration, act immediately! Use a clean cloth to absorb any surplus liquid before applying the appropriate cleanser for that type of stain. 
  3. Always test a cleanser first in an unnoticeable area.
  4. If your rug requires a thorough cleansing, consider cleaning it by a professional in this field.
  5. Remember to perform routine maintenance, such as rotating your rug every few months to prevent irregular wear and strain.

Living Room Rug Care and Cleaning

Living Room Rug Care and Cleaning

Following these easy methods, you can maintain a clean and hygenic rug in your living room!

  1. Choosing the perfect rug for your living room can make all the difference when it comes to creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. 
  2. You can find one that perfectly works for your style and requirements by considering the rug's type, material, size, shape, and color.
  3. Whether you favor a Persian rug or a contemporary one made of wool or synthetic fibers, the market offers a variety of options. 
  4. Remember that larger rugs perform better in larger spaces, whereas smaller ones can be ideal for accentuating specific areas. 
  5. Similarly, colors significantly impact the ambiance of your living room, so choose them accordingly.

In The End

Once you have discovered the ideal rug, maintain it by following the aforementioned cleansing instructions and guidelines. We trust this guide will make selecting an appropriate rug for your living room really convenient!

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