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Small Rugs Dubai Collection

At Rugs Dubai, we have a range of small rugs that are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. These floor rugs are perfect for defining and beautifying any area and are also excellent for styling smaller spaces.

Types Of Small Rugs 

We stock many types and styles of small interior rugs so that you can easily choose the perfect piece. These rugs are made of high-quality synthetic materials such as Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene, and Viscose. They also come in natural types like Wool, Cotton, Jute, Silk and Bambolic.

Our small rugs mainly come in these styles:

  • Area Rugs 
  • Runners
  • Accent Rugs 
  • Welcome Mats

Benefits Of Using Our Small Rugs Dubai Collection

Some of the best advantages of placing small area rugs are:

  • Comfort Addition:

    These rugs make all floors comfortable underfoot and will make your overall interiors cozier than before.
  • Attractive Decor:

    These rugs can be used to highlight any desired area and can be placed under sofas and tables, as well.
  • Low-maintenance:

    Our small rugs are really easy to clean and maintain and they are stain-resistant too.
  • Layered Treatment:

    You can also use these rugs along with carpets to create a unique decor and maximize comfort.
  • Hygienic Interiors:

    These rugs trap allergens, germs, and dirt particles, keeping your indoor air quality healthy.

Where To Place Small Floor Rugs

You can put our small rugs in any desired space to beautify it. They work wonders both indoors and outdoors. Here are some of the most suitable areas for using small and large floor rugs:

  • Bedrooms:
    These rugs are an excellent choice to put next to or under your bedding. 
  • Living Rooms:
    You can highlight any area or object such as a sofa or fireplace with them.
  • Kitchens:
    Our rugs are perfect for kitchen & dining room interiors for an attractive look.
  • Hallways & Entryways:
    They give a welcoming touch to your entrances and make narrow spaces look bigger.
  • Staircases:
    These rugs are perfect to use as runners, making your stairs more stable and safe.
    • Decks & Patios: Small Rugs are the best way to beautify patios, deckings, gardens, pergolas, and gazebos.
  • Laundry Rooms:

Our budget-friendly washable small rugs are highly moisture-resistant and, therefore the best choice for laundry room floors for improved comfort and safety.

  • Under Desk:

These luxury small rugs are a great choice to place under desks and workstations for underfoot comfort, improved cleanliness, and noise reduction.

  • Pet Beds

You can place our affordable small-size rugs in your pet beds for better comfort and warmth. These rugs are easy to clean and prevent odor buildup too.

Styles And Patterns Of Unique Small Rugs 

We offer the widest options of styles, patterns, and prints for these area rugs in Dubai:

1- Modern Small Rugs: These rugs are perfect for contemporary interiors, homes, and commercial offices, workspaces, and they can also be placed outdoors. They are available in neutral and pastel colors and minimal designs.

2- Traditional: These rugs include Authentic Persian, Turkish, and other choices for luxurious decorations. They come with intricate patterns, rich colors, and traditional weaving techniques for maximum comfort and aesthetic benefits.

3- Bohemian: These rugs are the best choice for creating funky and bold interior looks. They feature fun patterns, eye-catching details, unique shapes, and rich color combinations for improving the look of every desired interior.

4- Scandinavian: These area rugs are excellent for both simple and bold room looks as they are available in versatile print, pattern, and color options. They can be used as focal points in any space and can give a well-put-together look to the entire area.

5- Farmhouse: These versatile floor rugs are the best choice for farmhouse and countryside decor themes. You can have them in multiple size and shape options along with a range of customizations too for the perfect rustic room look.

6- Geometric: These rugs are available in fun and outstanding shapes and sizes to beautify all kinds of rooms. They are an excellent choice for kids’ rooms, playing areas, nurseries, and similar spaces where an eye-catching floor covering is required. 

7- Floral: We provide the widest options of floral-style small rugs for homes and offices. These floor rugs work wonders with both traditional and modern interiors and can quickly make any area look welcoming.

8- Solid Color: You can shop for our solid-colored small rugs in a range of colors for creating all kinds of decor themes. These rugs are an excellent choice for small spaces to achieve a spacious and attractive look. 

9- Striped: These checkered-style rugs are great for adding visual interest and dimension to any desired area. We offer every color combination for these rugs as well as custom designs and details. 

10- Abstract: These rugs feature abstract prints, patterns, colors, and effects for a rich and attractive look. They work best with wooden furniture and light-colored walls. You can also use them to beautify minimalist decors. 

Get Any Color Of These Trendy Small Rugs

These are the major color options we provide for our budget-friendly small Dubai rugs:

1- Red

2- Blue

3- Beige

4- Brown

5- Green 

6- Gray

7- Orange

8- White

9- Yellow

10- Magenta

Small Rugs Dubai Selection By Season

At our store, you can get the finest rug choices for every session and climate requirement:

1- Summer Rugs

These include lightweight, eco-friendly, and breathable options like Jute, Sisal, Seagrass, Cotton And Polyester Rugs for a pleasant look. These rugs also help in keeping rooms cool and comfortable and you can also place them outdoors.

2- Winter Rugs 

These include wool, silk, Microfiber, and cowhide rugs for effective room insulation. These will not just keep your interiors warm but will also reduce the need for air conditioners and make floors comfortable to walk over.

Small Rugs Dubai Options For Every Occasion

With our beautiful small floor rugs, you can create the most attractive-looking decor for every gathering and occasion. 

1- Holiday rugs: These rugs are available in rich and bold colors with fun patterns and prints.

2- Christmas rugs: These rugs come versatile in Christmas-themed prints and color palettes.

3- Halloween rugs: These rugs are available in spooky and fun prints, shapes and colors.

Shop For Small Rugs Dubai By Origin

We stock the most authentic rug options to help you design luxurious-looking residential and commercial spaces:

1- Handmade Rugs: These classy rugs feature hand-weaving and are incredibly soft and comfy to the touch. They are great for bedrooms, living rooms, and guest bedrooms.

2- Moroccan Rugs: These rugs come in a range of traditional patterns, prints, and asymmetrical designs. They are designed with pure sheep wool for opulent room decor.

3- Turkish Rugs: These rugs are designed with traditional weaving methods and feature rich colors and patterns. They are usually made of high-quality cotton, silk, or wool for extreme comfort.

4- Persian Rugs: These rugs are woven by hand and come with rich colors, intricate design details, and versatile shapes. They feature premium-grade silk and wool for classic looks. 

Choose The Right Small Rug For Your Interiors

Learn the best tips and tricks to select the perfect small floor rug for your homes and offices.

  • Shape And Size:
    Your rug should not completely cover your floor and there should be enough space between it and surrounding furniture.
  • Material:
    For high-traffic areas, you should go for Polypropylene or Nylon rugs and carpets, whereas silk or wool rugs are great for less busy areas.
  • Color And Pattern:
    Go for plain and solid-colored rugs if your interior theme has a lot of prints and patterns and vice versa.
  • Pile Height:
    Rugs with low pile heights are excellent for placing in busy areas, whereas those with high pile heights can be put in bedrooms or offices.
  • Maintenance Requirements:
    Get a rug that is stain-resistant and easy to maintain. Besides, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintaining it.