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Medium Rugs Dubai Collection

Rugs Dubai stocks the finest options of medium-sized rugs and carpets that are best suitable for all areas. These rugs are neither too big nor too small and offer a perfect fit for every space.

Medium-sized Rug Types

Our medium floor rugs usually have a size between 5’1’’ and 8’6’’.

  • Swedish Rugs: These are exclusive handmade rugs made from recycled textiles and available in a range of design options.
  • Mid Century Modern Rugs: These rugs come in attractive designs and are excellent for traditional decors.
  • Modern Moroccan Rugs: These rugs feature premium-quality cotton and wool and are handwoven. 
  • Antique Rugs: Our antique medium rug collection includes luxurious Persian, Afghan and Turkish rugs for unique interior decor.
  • Oriental Rugs: These rugs are hand-knotted and are a great choice for both indoors and outdoors. 

Size Ranges For Medium Rugs Dubai

Our medium rugs come in a range of size options to suit every interior: 

  • 200 cm x 300 cm
  • 5’ x 8’
  • 8’ x 10’

Advantages Of Using Medium Area Rugs

Here are a few perks of adding our medium luxury rugs to your interiors:

  • Best Fit: These rugs provide the ideal fit for every space, whether large or small, and can be used to instantly beautify any area or spot.
  • Cozy Surfaces: These rugs help create a comfortable interior and provide safety against slips and falling as well.
  • Improved Insulation: These rugs prevent heat loss from interiors and help reduce energy expenses. 
  • Easy Upkeep: They are really convenient to care for and will last long without any expensive maintenance. 
  • Furniture Anchoring: They can be used to keep furniture and carpets in the right place and for seating addition as well.

Best Areas To Put Medium Rugs Dubai

Our medium rugs in Dubai are a great way to define any interior and they are an excellent alternative if you don’t want huge carpets or very small rugs.

  • Master Bedrooms & Kids’ Rooms: These rugs look extremely attractive next to beds and can be placed in corners as well.
  • Home Offices: You can put our medium luxury rugs in both your commercial and residential offices to enhance the area decor.
  • Hallways & Lounges: These rugs are perfect for hallways, living rooms and lounges, complementing every flooring and furniture item.
  • Outdoors: You can even put these rugs at suitable spots outdoors, such as in patios or decks, or under shaded seating areas. 
  • Dining Rooms: You can place these rugs under small dining or kitchen tables or use them to highlight other areas. 

Get Luxurious Medium Sized Rugs At Affordable Prices

Medium Area rugs by Rugs Dubai can give the most attractive look to your interiors, and they make a great fit for every space. These rugs are a great investment as they are long-lasting and require low-maintenance. They make every area warm and cozy and help keep the furniture in place as well. We also provide designing, accessorizing and fitting services for these rugs.

  • Pet and kid-friendly rugs 
  • Best for all areas
  • Custom Sizes Available 
  • Added Underlayments
  • Flexible Sizes