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How To Buy An Area Rug?

by Rugs Dubai 24 Apr 2024

Area rugs make a great investment when it comes to improving any space’s decor. They’re warm, comfy and can make every room look well-put-together. However, all these benefits can only be obtained if you make mindful selections and settle for the most suitable rugs for your interiors. With that said, Rugs Dubai has got you the perfect guide to go through, in order to make the most beneficial and long-term favorable rug purchases. 

What You Should Know Before Buying a Rug

What You Should Know Before Buying a Rug

  1. Before buying, initial attention must be given to the size of the rug, so as to ensure that you get the correct one for your house. 
  2. Second, consider the rug's colors and patterns. Ensure that they suit the current interior design of your property. 
  3. Third, analyze the rug's substance. Natural or synthetic?
  4. Decide if you want a simple or patterned rug. 
  5. Fifth, consider the amount of traffic that will be in the area. This will assist in establishing the rug's required durability.
  6. Finally, consider your budget when purchasing an area rug. With these considerations in mind, you will discover the ideal area rug for your house.

Selecting the Appropriate Size of Area Rug

Selecting the Appropriate Size of Area Rug

There are many factors to consider while determining the proper size of the area rug. 

  1. The first is the room's dimensions, and you should select a living room rug that is the ideal size.
  2. The second element is the room's furnishings. 
  3. You must ensure that the rug complements the furnishings and does not clutter the space. 
  4. And lastly, you should examine the room's traffic. 

Size of the Rug Really Matters

Size of the Rug Really Matters

A rug that is too small will be walked on often, while a rug that is too huge will cause tripping or slipping. Keeping these considerations in mind, here are a few basic tips for selecting the proper size of area rug:

  1. Choose a rug that is big enough to accommodate beneath all of the furniture in a living or family room.
  2. Choose a rug big enough to fit beneath the table and chairs when they are pushed back into the dining room.
  3. Choose a large rug that will fit beneath your bed and nightstands for the bedroom.

Before Choosing the Correct Option, You Must Know

1) The dimensions of the room

2) The furnishings in the room

3) How much foot traffic will your intended space receive? 

4) If your children or dogs play on or near the rug, you must go for suitable options. 

Types of Rugs and Components

Types of Rugs and Components

When buying an area rug, it is important to evaluate the available materials. Each material used to produce rugs has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wool, cotton, synthetic, and natural fibers are the most preferred materials for rug construction.

  1. Wool is a sturdy textile resistant to dirt and stains and can tolerate considerable foot traffic. In general, wool rugs are more costly than other kinds of rugs.
  2. Cotton is a gentle, natural material that is simple to upkeep and clean. Cotton rugs are often more affordable than wool rugs.
  3. Synthetic rugs are created from man-made substances like nylon or polyester. Synthetic fibers are cheap and simpler to clean and maintain than natural fibers. However, synthetic fibers are less robust than wool or cotton and may only last for some time.
  4. Natural fibers include sisal, jute, and bamboo. Natural fiber rugs are often more costly than synthetic fibers, but they are typically more durable and have a more natural appearance and feel.

How to Purchase Rugs

How to Purchase Rugs

You'll need to determine the proper dimensions to find the ideal area rug. After that, you may refine your search by style, color, and material. To help you in getting started, we have compiled a precise guide on purchasing an area rug.

  1. Regarding the purchase of an area rug, size is crucial.
  2. After obtaining your area dimensions, you may begin shopping!
  3. Regarding fashion, there are several alternatives available. 
  4. Persian rugs are an excellent choice if you're searching for something classic. 
  5. Try a shag rug or a geometric pattern for a more contemporary appearance. 
  6. Regarding area rugs, there are also a variety of materials to pick from. 
  7. Wool rugs are traditional and long-lasting, while nylon rugs are stain-resistant and simple to clean. 

How to Maintain a New Rug

How to Maintain a New Rug

Your new rug is an investment that will endure for years; thus, it is essential to maintain it. Here are some maintenance guidelines for your new rug:

  1. Regular vacuuming can assist in eliminating dirt and debris from your rug's fibers and prevent them from getting matted.
  2. Clean up spills as soon as they happen to prevent stains from settling.
  3. Get your rug professionally cleaned every few years to eliminate deep-seated filth and grime, extending its life.

Cost and Budgetary Factors

When purchasing an area rug, pricing, and budget are essential concerns. When budgeting for an area rug, it is important to consider the following:

  1. The rug's size will significantly influence the total price, and larger rugs will cost more than their smaller counterparts.
  2. The rug's substance will also affect its price. Natural fibers, such as wool or silk, will cost more than synthetic fibers, such as polyester or nylon.
  3. The rug's build quality will also impact its price. The price of rugs with superior materials and workmanship will be more than those with inferior quality.
  4. The rug's design might also impact its price. Complex, patterned rugs will be more costly than simple, solid-color rugs.

Consider these variables while determining a budget for an area rug. Decide on your budget and look for a rug that fulfills your requirements and is within your price range.

In The End

This was our time with incredibly useful tips and tricks for buying the best area rugs for your places. In addition to important buying factors to take into account, we’ve also got you a handful of tips on how to care for your rugs and make them last long. Hoping for this comprehensive guide to be maximally helpful for you. 

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