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How To Clean A Silk Rug?

by Rugs Dubai 26 Oct 2023

As a silk rug owner, you would surely want to keep it clean and in good shape - after all, they are quite expensive! When it comes to cleaning silk rugs, there are some particular things you need to take care of to ensure you don't damage them. 

If you want to wash and clean your rug, Rugs Dubai has something for you in this article. We'll give you some very important tips to help you avoid damaging your silk rugs while cleaning.

Keeping Silk Rugs and rugs in Good Shape

Keeping Silk Rugs and rugs in Good Shape

You must make informed decisions if you want to protect your rug and keep it clean. Silk rugs are very delicate, and a small mistake can waste your time and money. Avoid placing them in high-traffic or spill-prone areas and keep them out of direct sunlight as well. Silk rugs should be cleaned often, but never with a roller brush or beater. A traditional way to clean a silk rug is to hang it outside and beat it to remove dust and debris.

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How to Wash Silk Rugs Like A Pro

How to Wash Silk Rugs Like A Pro

There are a few things you should never do to clean a silk rug:

  1. It's best to avoid enzymatic cleaners, as they can break down the proteins in silk and damage your rug.
  2. Don't try to use hot water or steam to clean the silk because it will shrink your rug like a balloon without air.
  3. Don't rub, wring, or scrub the rug, so you don't damage its fibers.
  4. Don't bunch or stretch the rug, so you don't permanently change its shape.
  5. Bleach is always the villain for colors and natural fabrics, and it will majorly harm silk floor rugs.

How to Clean Stains off of Silk rugs

How to Clean Stains off of Silk rugs

If you have a stain on your silken rug that isn't too severe, you can treat it yourself. Whenever liquid spills on your rug, the sooner you start addressing it, the better your chances are of removing the stain. 

  1. Don't scrub the stain since doing so will spread it and make it harder to clear out.
  2. To proceed, fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and vinegar.
  3.  Ensure the mixture is lukewarm or tepid before spraying the stained area of the rug. 
  4. Blot up the liquid with a clean towel and repeat until the stain is gone.

How to Best Clean Silk Area Rugs

How to Best Clean Silk Area Rugs

Silk rugs are delicate and require special care, and it's important to take preventive measures to keep them in good condition. Heavy foot traffic is the worst thing for a silk rug. To protect it, you should rotate it every three to four months, so it gets even sun exposure.

  1. If you spill something on your silk oriental rug, cleaning it up immediately is best. 
  2. Put warm water on a clean white towel. Don't rub the cloth; instead, blot it. So, the towel will be able to soak up the spill.
  3. If there's no water, use equal parts hot water and vinegar. 
  4. Again, use the blotting method to soak the stain into the towel.
  5. In case none of the other methods work, use a small amount of baking soda as a last resort. 
  6. Then wash the rug again with water and vinegar.
  7. The safest way to clean an oriental silk rug is to take it to a rug store like Rugs Dubai and have it cleaned by a professional. 

These steps are a quick and effective way to clean up messes or pet urine.

How Silk Rugs Are Usually Cleaned

How Silk Rugs Are Usually Cleaned

Have a quick look to find out where the rug came from, what kind of fabric it is, how thick it is, and its overall condition.

  1. For older silk rugs, you should first look for frayed spots or holes that could get in the way of steam cleaning.
  2. Your home vacuums aren't strong enough to eliminate all the dirt and germs in your rugs. Most professionals use high-tech vacuum equipment to clean your silk rug and remove dirt and other debris. 
  3. Each kind of stain needs a certain temperature of steam. By using steam to heat up the fibers of your rug, you can clean it better.
  4. When professionals remove stains from your silk rug, they use a pre-treatment method so that the color doesn't fade. 
  5. Once the stains are gone, they use gentle detergents to ensure your rug is free of bacteria that could make you sick.

In The End

This was the detailed overview of what to do for cleaning silk rugs. Though cleaning silk floor rugs at home isn’t recommended, if you still want to do it, we’ve got you all the tips and tricks. Additionally, we’ve also mentioned a number of maintenance techniques and precautions for silk residential rugs, so that you can benefit from your soft flooring for long.

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