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Green Rugs Dubai Collection 2024

Rugs Dubai has the finest and most unique ranges of green color carpet. Our green modern and traditional rugs work best for every space and can offer instant beautifications. They complement every kind of furniture and add a lot of comfort to the interiors. 

Latest Colors Of Green Rugs Dubai

Here are some of the the trendiest color options of carpet green:

  • Emerald Green: This deep and luxurious color offers a unique decor.
  • Sage Green: This light colored floor rug green is perfect for minimal decorations. 
  • Jade Green: This is a cool shade rug that looks incredibly refreshing.
  • Lime Green: This colored rug is excellent for creating cheerful and bright interiors.
  • Olive Green: This earthy shade rug is super versatile for every kind of decoration.

Popular Styles Of Rugs with Green

We stock a range of classy styles of green colored rugs and carpets:

  • Traditional: This collection includes oriental options such as Turkish and Persian Rugs.
  • Modern: We have a range of bold & outstanding modern rug patterns like geometric ones.
  • Flatweave: These long-lasting and low-maintenance rugs are great for high-traffic areas.
  • Shaggy: These are the softest and plushest rugs for extreme comfort underfoot.

Benefits Of Adding Green Floor Rugs

Have a look at the advantages of our green carpets:

  • Calming Decor: These rugs are excellent for creating a pacifying and stress-reducing decor.
  • Versatile Option: They can be placed in all decor themes and areas. 
  • Comfort Addition: They add plenty of comfort and coziness to all the interiors. 
  • Durable Covering: These area rugs are highly long-lasting and cost-effective. 
  • Highly Insulating: You can make your places warm and energy-efficient with these rugs. 

How To Maintain Green Colored Rugs

Green Rugs and Carpets are extremely simple to maintain and clean. Here are a few easy guidelines:

  • Vacuum clean your rugs every other day to get rid of dirt and dust buildup.
  • Clean up all the spills, splashes and food droppings to prevent excessive damage. 
  • Give the rugs a deep cleanup every two months using mild and neutral cleaners.

Where To Place Green Color Rug

You can benefit from our luxurious greenish carpet in any and every place of your choice:

  • Bedrooms: These rugs can give a luxurious and attractive finish to your bedrooms.
  • Bathrooms: You can add plenty of visual interest to your bathrooms for a spa-like decor.
  • Kitchens: These rugs are an excellent option to give a calming effect to your kitchens.
  • Dining Rooms: You can place our green rugs under dining tables for area beautification.

Room Decorating Tips Using Green Rugs

Here are some of the ways you can decorate your places with our green floor rugs:

  • These rugs can be used to make a boring space look eye-catching, colorful and calming.
  • They pair really well with wooden floors, rustic decors and earthy tones.
  • These rugs work wonders in all areas due to their ability to calm nerves.