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Red Rugs Dubai Collection 2024

Red Rugs by Rugs Dubai are the most luxurious and attractive floor covering option for every interior. These beautiful, durable, lively and versatile rugs can quickly decorate any area. We offer trendsetting design varieties for these premium-grade rugs and carpets. 

Red Rugs As A Symbol Of Passion And Elegance 

Red rugs and carpets are always associated with the sensations of passion, power, energy and liveliness. They can be used to add instant excitement and dramatic decor to any room. Besides, they can turn all dull-looking interiors to warm and welcoming ones. 

  • Red rugs are the best investment if you want to Feng Shui your interior.
  • In some cultures, these rugs are also associated with wealth, good luck and prosperity.
  • If you want some terrific holiday and/or festive decorations, red rugs and carpets can be the best deal for you. 

Unique Red Rug Ranges We Offer

Here are some of the popular styles of red floor coverings available at Rugs Dubai:

Red Persian Rugs:

These luxurious rugs are hand knotted using the finest quality and 100% pure wool and silk.

Red Turkish Rugs: 

These oriental rugs feature outstanding authentic Turkish patterns, prints and styles.

Red Hand Tufted Rugs: 

These rugs are also hand made and are extremely long-lasting than others.

Red Patterned Rugs: 

We have huge pattern and print options for red colored rugs for a classy room decor.

Modern Red Rugs: 

These rugs have sleek looks and minimal designs and are great for a simple yet stunning floor covering.

Things To Consider While Choosing Red Floor Rugs 

Read these tips and tricks to make the best selections for your homes and offices. 

  • Consider Room Size: Go for a smaller rug if you want to add a touch of visual interest or attractiveness to your interior. Choose larger rugs if you want maximum floor covering and/or furniture anchoring.
  • Look At Interior Styling: If you've got a neutral and plain room, you should go for our Tabriz Red Rug. Whereas if your room has a lot of patterns, a solid colored rug would be the best choice. 
  • Take Area Traffic Into Account: Keep in mind the foot traffic of your desired area; choose high pile rugs for less busy areas and low pile ones for areas with more foot traffic.

Best Decoration Tips For Red Floor Rugs And Carpets 

You can make use of these amazing suggestions to make your place look outstanding:

  • Use red colored rugs and carpets primarily for areas with white or black color schemes or other similar colored backdrops.
  • You can create a fine-looking floor seating by placing a few vibrant throw pillows and cushions atop a red colored floor covering.
  • Red rugs work wonders for area-defining purposes, especially in open-plan interiors. 
  • You can also place these luxurious rugs on top of bigger sisal or jute carpeting for added visual interest. 
  • Red rugs and carpets go incredibly well with soft brown window curtains; one of the most effective room decor ideas.