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AED. 1,200.00
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AED. 1,200.00
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How To Position Or Place A Rug In A LivingRoom ?

by Rugs Dubai 27 Oct 2023

Soft floor coverings are an important home element and are increasingly becoming popular in common households. Also, the interior design feels incomplete without the inclusion of soft floorings like rugs and carpets.

Just like the ideal choice of soft flooring is an important decision, the significance of a correct interior rug placement can never be ignored. Adding further, you can get the most out of your valuable investment with ideal rug positioning.

You’ve purchased your dream rug for the living room but are now confused about its placement in the interior. In this post by Rugs Dubai, we’re going to explain some of the best scenarios for ideal rug placement in a living room.

The Best Tips & Tricks For Ideal Rug Placement In A Living Room

Tricks For Ideal Rug Placement In A Living Room

Living rooms are considered gathering areas for friends and family hangouts, watching movies, and entertainment. Therefore, the living room design layout needs to be balanced functionally and aesthetically. For this purpose, the ideal furniture and rug placements are inevitable.

Some Important Considerations For Living Room Rug Placement

Some Important Considerations For Living Room Rug Placement

When it comes to rug placement in the living room, you should always be mindful of the following aspects.

  1. Purpose Of Rug: Think whether you’re adding a rug to the room design for decor upgrades or functional benefits.
  2. Rug Size: The size of the rug can help you idealize whether or not the rug can be placed in a certain position and place.
  3. Cohesive Look: Don’t forget that the rug placement should account for a unified, cohesive look of the living room design.
  4. Traffic Flow: The rug should not be a tripping hazard, besides you also need to maintain good traffic flow and consider wear and tear due to this reason.
  5. Rug Pad: The rug pad is to be placed underneath the rug and prevents slipping. Therefore, you should avoid placing your rug on a slope.

1. Sofa Seating & The Rug

Sofa Seating & The Rug

Just like a bold and colorful rug ideally matches statement seating in the living room, the rug small to large sizes and shape also matters for perfect placement. You can make practical use of the most common approach to placing the rug in a living room i.e. front sofa legs on the rug and back legs off.

It’s a classic option to even out the decor and add to the living room design with more than what’s needed to come into sight. For this placement, the rug pattern and design will be totally visible to the viewer’s eyes while there is coverage for the flooring space as well.

The design proportions for the living room interior ideally suit this rug placement whatever the available space may be! Besides, the pattern (for custom design purchases) creates a connection between the furniture and the rug.

If you’re going to decorate the living room with a mix-and-match styling strategy, this rug placement approach is the best to go with. You can visually feel the difference between the presence and absence of the rug i.e. make or break the space.

2. Under The Table Rug Placement

Under The Table Rug Placement

Looking for a cohesive, unified interior design appearance with rug placement or positioning? Well, you can place the rug under the living room table centralized around statement seating. This rug placement completes the interior design and anchors the decor at the same time for a coherent feeling.

You can easily get the most out of your living room design outlook by selecting a large-sized rug in a matching color to the seating all around. When placing the rug, make sure that the front legs of the sofa are placed above the rug.

3. Large-Sized Rug: Centralized Placement

Large-Sized Rug

If you’ve purchased a large-sized rug for the living room interior, the best idea is to place it in the middle of the room. It would be beneficial if the rug is rolled from one end of the wall to the other.

As far as the furniture set is concerned, all legs of the sofas need to be placed on the rug and there should be a center table as well. Additionally, the colorful rug appearance can be highlighted with stylish pendant lighting or a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

4. No Sofa Legs On The Rug

No Sofa Legs On The Rug

Speaking of modern home design, the essentials in the interiors are spaced apart for giving a roomy, open space idea. If you’re also looking to make such an impression on the viewer’s minds, you can experiment with this type of rug placement i.e. no legs of the sofas are placed on the rug.

To get the most out of this idea, there should be adequate lighting in the room to enlighten the pop of color added to the interior with rug placement. This rug positioning also suits ideally small-sized rugs that you can’t place under the center table or sofas.

5. Follow The 18 Inch Rule!

Follow The 18 Inch Rule

If you’ve enough free space in the room’s interior, you can completely transform the look and feel of the interior with this rug placement. In this rule, you need to leave at least 18 inches of space around the rug on all sides. 

Yes, the sofa seating must be placed around the rug and to fill the space gap in between, you can place a large-sized center table. In this way, you can enjoy the entertainment by removing sofa seating from one particular side that faces the media/TV stand.

6. Make Flooring Border In The Room

Make Flooring Border In The Room

If by any chance, you’ve bought a pretty large-sized rug for your diminutive interior, you can still get away with an ideal rug placement. For this purpose, you need to position the rug in such a way that you make a flooring border i.e. only a few inches of the floor around the rug.

However, this placement idea for the rug may or may not feel suitable in the interior because brightening up the space is dependent on the decor decisions.

7. Layer The Rug For A Blend

Layer The Rug For A Blend

If you can’t even out the interior decor settings and there’s something missing in the interior design, you can always experiment with combining rugs for one interior i.e. the living room. For this purpose, you need to place one rug over the other in a definite proportion.

Don’t make the rug on the bottom side completely get masked here, rather try to infuse the rug pattern and design for a delightful combo.

No doubt, you’ll have to put extra effort into finding two rugs that complement each other as well as the interior design. However, the perfect layering approach can get you dream rug appearances and improved interior aesthetics.

To Finalize

The rug placement in the living room or any interior for that matter is a decision that can either make or break the space on the whole. In this post, we’ve explained comprehensively the ideas and tips that can help you with ideal rug placement in the living room. You can make practical use of any of these ideas depending on your personal liking preferences and available space.

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