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How To Choose A Dreamy Rug For Your Home

by Rugs Dubai 30 Jan 2024

When it comes to styling your home floors, rugs are the most affordable and statement pieces to select for creating the most pleasant and comfortable surfaces. Rugs tend to bring versatility, coziness, and functionality to your spaces with their awe-inspiring designs, soft materials, and exceptional attributes respectively. Floor rugs can be purchased for a variety of residential locations for decorative and functional purposes.

For the addition of a rug in your home, you have to be mindful of various useful features and aspects. Rugs make the contemporary and functional statement when selected keeping the purpose and your personalized requirements in mind. In this article, you’ll learn about some important tips for how to choose dreamy rugs for your home.

Tips To Select The Perfect Floor Rugs For Your Home Design

To find the perfect rug that wholly harmonizes the individual design and functional requirements of every customer, go through the below listed worthwhile tips.

1. Function And Purpose Of Rugs

Function And Purpose Of Rugs

The interior design of your home is the direct way to reflect your personality and living style. When it comes to the addition of rugs in your home, the considerable aspect is the form and function of these floor-covering essentials. When you are purchasing rugs for homes with pets and kids, you have to think of their functionality.

If the purpose of shopping rugs is decorative, you have to think about the type of room they will go in. Considering the foot traffic of the intended space, interior scheme, and personalized taste, you can shop for the ideal rugs for your homes.

2. Thickness, Pile Density, & Rug Size

Thickness, Pile Density, & Rug Size

When bringing a dreamy rug for your interior design, some most noticeable factors are the thickness and density of the fiber pile. The thickness or pile height needs to be considered particularly when you are shopping for rugs of high foot-traffic areas or residencies with pets and kids.

For low foot-traffic spaces, you can select rugs with high-pile heights like wool, shag, and silk. For intense foot traffic, rugs with low or medium fiber profiles are the best choice to settle for. Additionally, rug size needs to be selected carefully per the room layout and requisite area dimensions. The size must complement or anchor the existing room furniture.

3. Color, Design, Material, & Shapes

Color, Design, Material, & Shapes

A dreamy rug purchase demands the selection of the right material, design, and color. For materials, you can pick from cotton, polyester, nylon, jute, sisal, polypropylene, silk, velvet, wool, shag, and acrylic. For shapes, you can choose from oval, round, rectangular, hexagonal, and irregular ones.

Besides materials and shapes, you can pick from a diversity of styles and patterns including lined, dotted, floral, petal, abstract, printed, geometric, animal skin, and other mixed ones. Additionally, for shades, you have neutral to dark color tones to pick from. With overwhelming choices of shades, layouts, fibers, and shapes, you can find the perfect match for your space.

4. Fade, Moisture, & Damage Resistant

Fade, Moisture, & Damage Resistant

Functionality is the integral component to overlook when you go for selecting the ideal rug. A rug purchase becomes worthwhile when you buy one considering all the practical requirements. In the superstore, you can find rugs that are strongly resistant to fade, moisture, and stains.

Make a selection of rugs that are resistant to spills, scratches, and UV rays to get the best value for your investment. For moisture-prone areas, it is essential to pick waterproof rugs, that provide you with the best functional advantages. 

5. Durability, Guarantee, & Warranty

Durability, Guarantee, & Warranty

Quality and durability are the must-ask factors when you are going for a rug purchase. Look for trusted rug suppliers to make your purchase more effective. The rugs that are made from natural and recyclable materials tend to last and serve you for many years straight.

Aside from quality and longevity, look for rugs that are sustainable against daily use. You can ask the seller about the expected lifetime of rugs before making a purchase. Pick the rugs that offer the guarantee and warranty of long-lastingness for more than a decade.

6. Cost, Care, & Maintenance

Cost, Care, & Maintenance

Lastly, it is recommended to look for the aftercare needs of the rug when choosing it. Rugs that are easy to upkeep/ maintain will make your purchase worthwhile because you don’t have to spend extraordinary bucks and invest additional time in cleaning.

Moreover, rug costs should be inspected before purchasing so that you can plan on your budget beforehand. To shop for rugs on a budget, you can bargain with the retailers and get one at the most reasonable prices. Additionally, you can look for the occasional sale and discount offers to avail of the best rug at an affordable price range.

End Point!

Floor rugs are the ideal choice to make your home picture-perfect with their visual aesthetics and functional properties. Selecting the perfect rug requires the investment of proper time and attention. When choosing dreamy rugs for your home styling, you have to be mindful of the selection of every aspect of floor covering essential.

To get your hands on your dreamy rugs that are entirely functional and equally decorative, you must consider the purpose, function, and appearance of your rugs. Aside from that, you should look for the pile height, thickness, manufacturing technique, availability of designs, textures, patterns, and layouts. Additionally, look for the current styles, rug sizes, sustainability, functional requirements, and costs, and inspect guarantees and warranties.

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