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How To Use Complementary Color Rugs In Interior Design?

by Rugs Dubai 29 Dec 2023

When it comes to furnishing your home interiors, rugs stand out as the most essential component that greatly contributes to the functionality, aesthetics, and styling of your space. Rugs are the most affordable and timeless element to accessorize your floors with. In the superstores, these rugs are available with plenty of design and color choices to select from. When shopping for rugs, the most overlooked factor to invest your time in is rug colors.

The selection of the right rug color has the capability to transform the whole vibe and appearance of your existing interiors. Rugs bring the entire space look together with their amazing textures and patterns. If you are in search of a rug that perfectly complements the interior design of your space, this piece of writing is for you. This brief guide covers inspirational tips to bring complementary color rugs into your interior design.

Creative Tips To Add Complimentary Color Rugs In Your Living Spaces

Complimentary colors appear to be very intimidating when aligned ideally with any of the statement pieces of your living space. To give your interiors an instant makeover, you can go through the most inspirational tips listed below in detail.

1. Pick The Ideal Color Intensity

Pick The Ideal Color Intensity

When it comes to selecting rug colors for home decoration, the right intensity or saturation is the most essential factor to look over. If two colors are equally bright and vivid in the interior design, you might end up creating an overwhelming piece in your spaces. For the selection of rugs, you need to follow the general yet simplest rule to create the most coordinating interiors.

Considering the overall design and color scheme of your living spaces, you can shop for the rugs either two-tone lighter or darker than the existing scheme of wall paint and furnishing accessories in the room. You can pair light colors with soft ones and dark colors with pale ones to create cohesion.

2. Go For Neutrals For Improved Ambiance

Go For Neutrals For Improved Ambiance


You can never go wrong with neutrals when it comes to the selection of floor rug colors. Neutral-colored rugs bring a sense of calmness and serenity when incorporated into the right space. For a soft color palette, you have a manifold choice to get your hands on. 

Depending on the kind of look you want to create in your rooms, you can go for an ideal neutral tone. Among the soft color tones, you have the flexibility to choose white, beige, blue, pink, and grey. These light shades reduce the overall contrast in your rooms, bringing harmony and a sense of softness following your requirements.

3. Try Mixing Different Hues For Distinct Visuals

Try Mixing Different Hues For Distinct Visuals

Variation of colors when it comes to selecting rugs of your style adds more visual interest to your spaces. You can add instant glam to your existing spaces by adding rugs of mix-and-match colors. Rugs are designed with the inspiration of so many living and non-living elements to feature versatile looks.

To create a fresh and inviting appearance, you can add abstract art rugs in your living rooms. The entire space’s aesthetics will be timelessly uplifted with the addition of some nature and art-inspired rugs. This kind of contemporary rug can be incorporated into bedrooms, workrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms to boost the visuals of the space.

4. Style Multi-colored Rugs

Style Multi-colored Rugs

Multi-colored rugs are powerful and eye-catching when coordinated with bold and modern decor themes. Rugs are available with vibrant to light color tones to add visual sense and aesthetics to your spaces. You can revive the existing style of your rooms by adding multiple-toned rugs.

These rugs will add a splash of colors to your interiors, creating the most alluring and comfortable surfaces to walk over. Rugs can help add a lot of interest and drama to your neutral and monochromatic scheme. You can select these colorful rugs with light grey and white to dark brown and blue to match the existing space’s style.

5. Make A Classy Statement Using Oriental Rugs

Make A Classy Statement Using Oriental Rugs

Another timeless and classic way to make a luxury statement to your interiors is the addition of a traditional rug. Traditional rugs with the origin of Iran and Turkey have individuality in terms of styles, patterns, and colors.

You can get these rugs with delicate and intricate layouts and patterns to enhance the visual value and worth of your rooms. With sophisticated medallions, floral patterns, astonishing textures, and exclusive colors, these rugs are one-of-a-kind choices to settle for floor embellishment.

6. Add Modernity With A Minimalist Style Rug

Add Modernity With A Minimalist Style Rug

To incorporate interest and minimal style into your living and bedrooms, another option is to pick modern rugs. Modern rugs come with unified color tones to add a sense of grace and style to your interior design.

Additionally, for modern rugs, you have a never-ending color palette for light to dark shades. These rugs manifest unique lined, dotted, floral, geometric, petal, leaf, and extensive other layouts to make an extraordinary style statement.

To Sum Up!

Rugs are the most sophisticated masterpieces to style your floors and enhance the overall aesthetics of the space. You can add visual interest to any space with rugs of hundreds of styles and design profiles. Rugs come in a wide assortment of colors to uniquely sync the aesthetics and functionality of your living spaces. To compliment an interior design, rugs of diverse, individual, mixed, and combination of color tones are there to select from.

When selecting the rugs of complementary colors, make sure to check the intensity to find the perfect match. Be bold in trying different dark hues for an astonishing appearance. Additionally, you can add some neutrals to improve the overall ambiance of your living spaces. You can also experiment with natural color tones to stay close to nature and indulge a pleasant aesthetics in your spaces.

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