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5 Easy Ways to Keep Sheepskin Rugs Fluffy

by Rugs Dubai 04 Dec 2023

Sheepskin rugs are the most functional choice to improve your place’s interior style. These rugs with trendy shades, extremely soft fibers, and timeless functionality will be a perfect addition to any space. Placing these rugs in residential and commercial areas not only boosts style but also adds coziness.

To keep these rugs looking like new while maintaining their fiber height and fluffy appearance, you have to be careful with various things. If you’ve purchased a sheepskin rug and are looking for ways to keep it fluffy, this comprehensive guide is for you.

Tips To Keep Your Sheepskin Rugs Looking Great

Sheepskin rugs are the perfect choice to cover your floors, particularly in the colder months. They give a warm, gentle, and fluffy feel when you walk over them barefoot. Sometimes, these rugs lose their fluffiness due to negligence. You can gain that softness all year round by practicing the different ways mentioned here.

1. Brush Your Rugs to Keep it Fluffy

Brush Your Rugs to Keep it Fluffy

To maintain the natural texture of your sheepskin rugs, one of the most effortless and simplest ways is to brush them regularly. For this purpose, you can use a soft wire brush. This wire brush keeps the fibers of your rugs tangle-free.

By brushing them, you can make a rug look full and good in shape. Through brushing, a lot of dirt and debris can be eliminated from the rug's surface. Your sheepskin rugs will remain soft and springy all year round by brushing.

2. Consider Your Living Conditions

Consider Your Living Conditions

As sheepskin rugs are made of natural materials, so, the conditions in which you live can make a direct impact on the softness and fluffiness of rugs. Rugs made from sheepskin can be sensitive to particular humidity and sunlight conditions.

If these rugs are exposed to direct sunlight, there’s a probability of them losing their softness. Additionally, the fibers of these rugs can curl up when there’s a damp condition. Consider the placement of rugs before incorporating them into the moisture-prone places or areas facing direct exposure to sunlight.

3. Spot Clean Rugs to Remove Visible Dirt

Spot Clean Rugs to Remove Visible Dirt

Another way to keep your sheepskin rugs looking refreshed for a long time is to go for spot cleaning. The dirt and dust can be removed using a soft brush, however, when these rugs get any spills and splashes, you’ll need to spot-clean them.

Spot cleaning will protect the fiber of your rug from shrinking or becoming stiff. Rather than giving your rugs a full wash, prefer instant cleaning. You can spot clean spills and stains using a microfiber cloth and homemade cleaning solutions.

4. Hand Wash For Stubborn Marks

Hand Wash For Stubborn Marks

When it comes to cleaning sheepskin rugs, go for the hand-washing method. However, rugs come with detailed cleaning instructions to keep them from fiber shedding. You can retain the texture and softness of your rugs by gently hand-washing them.

To maintain the appearance, use the rug shampoo that contains lanolin and is enzyme-free. Using this shampoo, thoroughly clean your rugs. Avoid the use of stiff brushes as it can result in fiber shedding.

5. Dry Your Sheepskin Rugs in a Cool Room

Dry Your Sheepskin Rugs in a Cool Room

After you thoroughly wash your sheepskin rug, allow it to dry for an appropriate time. Never go for heat-drying, sunlight-drying, or tumble-drying techniques. This is because these drying techniques will result in fiber pulling and shrinking.

Rather, you can allow your rugs to dry in a cool room that will help to dry them without losing their texture and fluffy appearance. Make sure to let these natural air dry in a cool room to keep them in for many years straight in good shape.

Beneficial Instructions For Washing Sheepskin Rugs

Beneficial Instructions For Washing Sheepskin Rugs

When washing your sheepskin rugs, you have to be considerate about various things. Here are the detailed instructions to keep your rugs sustained for a long period when cleaning.

  • Use the specialist’s wool sheepskin detergent that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.
  • Prefer using detergents that contain lanolin, and is non-bio, enzyme-free, and have neutral pH.
  • To avoid any mishaps, it would be great to test the detergent over any discrete area first.
  • To get rid of the stains and dirt, you can let your rugs soak in water for a couple of minutes.
  • Prefer rinsing your rugs using cold water or you can use hose water.
  • Rather than squeezing your rugs, remove excess water using towels.
  • Never wring out your sheepskin rug because it can cause fiber loss.
  • Avoid drying these rugs under the direct sunlight.
  • To restore fluffiness, ensure using a metal bristled brush to run across the fibers.

It’s A Wrapping Note!

Sheepskin rugs are the ideal way to enhance the overall aesthetic, comfort, and functionality of your living spaces. To keep your rugs looking brand new and enhance their lifetime, it is mandatory to maintain them properly. The best way to keep your rugs looking fluffy, place them in low-traffic areas. Additionally, avoid placing them in places with high humidity levels. 

To give these rugs in a new condition for a long time, immediately eliminate the spills and stains. Besides, spot cleaning, prefer hand washing to keep their shape sustained. Dry them in a cool room after washing. Brush them weekly to make the fibers look fresh. Hope, these tips will help restore the original fluffy state of your rugs.

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