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Vintage Beige-2302941 - Beige
Part of a vintage collection, this beige-colored piece features the remarkable style that dominates in any space. Made in Iran, this acrylic-bamboo, handmade piece has approximately 8mm thickness which makes them perfect for areas with high foot activity. Also, it represents the angular design...
AED. 1,200.00
AED. 1,200.00
  • Beige
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Hand Knotted Grey Acrylic Bamboo Rug - Grey
Gladly present you our most inspiring grey-themed rug which is the epitome of elegance, comfort, and uniqueness. This hand-crafted piece is constructed using acrylic bamboo material, features repetitive angular patterns, and lasts for a prolonged time. For a charming effect and utmost comfort, this...
AED. 1,200.00
AED. 1,200.00
  • Grey
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Get inspired by our unique and functionally favorable anti-slip rugs. These handmade rugs are equally stylish and safe options for quick room makeovers. Available with soft and stable backings, they stay in place for long. Also, it has stripped-lined raised patterns on the overall...
AED. 1,200.00
AED. 1,200.00
  • Grey
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Bringing Your Interior Space To Life With Multi Colored Rugs

by Rugs Dubai 04 Dec 2023

Rugs are the most beautiful and versatile floor covering essentials that can add a splash of colors to your interiors timelessly. Colorful rugs can bring life to your living spaces, making a space go from drab to fab. These multi-colored rugs can add an interesting touch to any place without compromising functionality and comfort.

Colorful rugs are particularly the ideal choice to complement perfectly with any statement piece of your home. If you are planning to buy multi-colored rugs for your residential and commercial interiors, here’s the rug styling guide for you. We’ve prepared a brief guide to design your floors with multi-colored rugs.

Fascinating Decor Ideas And Beneficial Tips For Multi-colored Rugs

Multi-colored rugs can be paired with any furnishing essential, wall art, or window treatments of your interior spaces. Look at the different ways to style your home floors with bold and bright rugs.

1. Go For The Rich-Colored Oriental Rugs

Go For The Rich-Colored Oriental Rugs

For traditional interior styling, the best option to cover your floors is with vintage or Persian rugs. These rugs come with variable medallion styles, rich color combinations, and intricate patterns. You can improve the worth of your living spaces by adding a rug of unique colors.

You can connect the color of your rugs with accent pieces of your homes. These rugs come with both exciting colors and soft or neutral tones to match the overall space aesthetics. Besides being unique masterpieces, these rugs will manifest the cultural heritage.

2. Soft-Colored Wool Or Shag Rugs

Soft-Colored Wool Or Shag Rugs

Going with the neutral-colored wool rug can add instant grace to your business and residential spaces. Wool rugs, with sophisticated appearance, are the ideal way to give any space a luxurious touch while bringing ultimate softness.

Another alternative option is to pick the shaggy rugs that are the epitome of charmness and delicacy. These rugs have extremely soft fibers and are aesthetically pleasing to eyes. These rugs can be layered over any other rug to feature an exquisite style and doubling out the comfort and insulation as well.

3. Patterned Rug For Bold Statement

Patterned Rug For Bold Statement

Make a fascinating decor statement using multi colored rugs with a variety of patterns. Rugs come in a huge assortment of layouts and patterns. For an alluring style, you can pick the geometric patterned rug that goes well with both home and workspace decors.

Besides geometric styles, you have the flexibility to pick dotted, lined, and floral rugs. Floral patterned rugs feature multi-colored layouts of small and large flowers. Additionally, you can select rugs with abstract art or prints to go bold for decors.

4. Add A Vintage Vibe With Patchwork Rugs

Add A Vintage Vibe With Patchwork Rugs

The most extraordinary way that can add instant style infusion to your space is the addition of patchwork rugs. These rugs are uniquely created by mixing modern and traditional styles. The patches of different types of rugs are blended together to make these rugs.

These rugs with multiple patterns and colors of patches can uplift the style of any space with absolute perfection. To select from, you have a broad range of neutral and dark color palettes that can be aligned with any interior scheme.

5. Coordinate Rug Color With Painted Wall

Coordinate Rug Color With Painted Wall

It is the most popular way to bring harmony and cohesion to interior decor. To buy your rug, the color can be selected considering the wall paint of your home. To improve the ambiance and comfort of your places, you can select the complimentary colors.

However, it would be a great option to shop for a multi colored rug in one or two tones lighter or darker to wall paint colors. The light colored rug with soften the overall impact of the room as you can never go wrong by incorporating some neutrals for an elegant interior look. while dark-themed one will act as the contemporary statement.

6. Match With Wall Colors And Furniture

Match With Wall Colors And Furniture

One of the best tricks to flaunt your rugs in your residential and commercial spaces is to match the rug color with the room's interior design. You can create a focal statement in your interiors by matching the rug color with any furniture accessory or wall art of your home.

Rugs with different yet rich combinations of colors can add an attractive look to any place. Bringing the rug the sync the furniture style will create the most cohesive interior look. You can go for one or two tones darker or lighter with your wall or furniture colors to add more visual impact.

7. Add Visual Interest Using Deep Colors

Add Visual Interest Using Deep Colors

To give your interiors a renewed look, you can select a darker color palette for rugs. Rugs of contrasting and bold colors make a spectacular statement in your homes. For the dark hues, you have multiple choices of aqua blue, orange, brown, pink, green, and navy blue.

You have the flexibility to choose from a variety of dark color tones for these rugs to suit your existing interior schemes. These deep and contrasting colors can instantly uplift the appearance and highlight the specific portion of your space in a most beautiful manner.

Final Note!

Multi-colored rugs are the perfect floor decoration choice that can bring comfort and elegance to your interiors instantly. Rugs come in an array of light and dark color tones to improve the whole space scheme and add life to your interiors. To decorate your residential and commercial interiors, you can go for multi-color scheme rugs.

For interior upgradation, you can go for the rich-colored oriental rugs, soft-colored wool or shag rugs, and patterned rug of bold colors. Additionally, you can add a vintage vibe with patchwork multi colored rugs. To add the splash of color, you can also select a modern rug manifesting manifold colors. Hope, this guide with numerous color options will help you ideally in interior styling.

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