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Vintage Beige-2302941 - Beige
Part of a vintage collection, this beige-colored piece features the remarkable style that dominates in any space. Made in Iran, this acrylic-bamboo, handmade piece has approximately 8mm thickness which makes them perfect for areas with high foot activity. Also, it represents the angular design...
AED. 1,200.00
AED. 1,200.00
  • Beige
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Gladly present you our most inspiring grey-themed rug which is the epitome of elegance, comfort, and uniqueness. This hand-crafted piece is constructed using acrylic bamboo material, features repetitive angular patterns, and lasts for a prolonged time. For a charming effect and utmost comfort, this...
AED. 1,200.00
AED. 1,200.00
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Get inspired by our unique and functionally favorable anti-slip rugs. These handmade rugs are equally stylish and safe options for quick room makeovers. Available with soft and stable backings, they stay in place for long. Also, it has stripped-lined raised patterns on the overall...
AED. 1,200.00
AED. 1,200.00
  • Grey
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What Are Some Good Colors For An Indoor And Outdoor Rug?

by Rugs Dubai 19 Mar 2024

Rugs are versatile floor coverings that can embellish both indoors and outdoors in residential and commercial spaces. These floor-accessorizing elements come in a broad range of colors and designs to style any interior or exterior. They are a timeless choice to add a pop of color while enhancing the overall room aesthetics as well.

Whether you want to buy rugs for patios, decks, terraces, and balconies or need to improve the comfort of your bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, or kitchens, the right choice of colors is crucial as it can make or break the look of the entire space. To help you design beautiful interiors and exteriors, we’ve mentioned some amazing color options that will spice up your indoor and outdoor areas.

Indoor Outdoor Rugs: Perfect Color Ideas To Adorn Your Living Spaces

To help you with the right color selection for rugs, we have listed the most popular color options.

1. Neutral Tones

Floor coverings with neutral colors always work best to brighten up the decor of living spaces. The soft and light tones add an instant touch of comfort and sophistication and compliment everything around them as well.

Among neutral colors, you can choose from white, beige, taupe, off-white and multiple other options. Because of their light colors, these rugs are best for indoor areas like bedrooms and study rooms that don’t get a lot of foot traffic.

2. Earth Tones

Another smart way to adorn your floors is to purchase earth-toned rugs. These rugs come in an extraordinary range of patterns, layouts and textures. They look perfect both indoors and outdoors because of their versatile looks.

You can give an incredible look to your rooms with rugs that feature flowing lines, geometric shapes, vintage borders, and carnival stripes. These floor rugs will instantly add beauty to all dull areas.

3. Blue and Aqua Tones

Placing blue-themed floor rugs is one of the best ideas to give a beautiful touch to any outdoor space. Blue is the most soothing color that strikes a pleasant vibe when selected for any residential or commercial space.

For these rugs, you can choose a navy, teal, sky, or aqua blue color with multiple awe-inspiring styles. Additionally, you can pick the turquoise color to give your space a statement look. These rugs can be easily aligned with any of the accessories or furnishing elements in your rooms.

4. Sage Green

A sage green rug will serve as the most unique element in the interior design of your home. These rugs come in many styles, patterns, textures, and pile heights to suit any space’s foot traffic and surrounding decor.

You can also get these floor coverings in fluffy woolen materials in boho styles and botanical prints. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose different patterns, including geometric, floral, striped, and lined, to add to the visual interest of any space.

5. Black and White

White and black rugs are another modern and classy choice. These floor coverings will add a contemporary and luxurious touch to every area. Also, these rugs can be used to define different areas and make a room appear bigger.

You can select retro prints, faded styles, long swirls, and symmetrical stripes for these rugs. Additionally, you can add white and black rugs with abstract art to your living rooms for style enhancement. 

6. Grey-colored Elegance

Grey-colored rugs are a symbol of grace and style, and they can greatly improve the beauty of your floors. For these floor-accessorizing elements, you can get both modern and traditional designs to embellish your residential and commercial floors.

You can choose a grey textured, shaggy, wool, flat-woven, cut-pile, loop-pile, or silk rug to add beauty to your rooms. Also, you can add a simple gray rug to your patios, decks, or balconies for the ideal enhancement of sophistication and comfort.

7. Pastel Floor Rugs

Pastel colored rugs, with their unique styles and inviting hues, can create the most calming atmosphere. Pastel rugs are always a perfect choice when you want to go neutral or minimal with the decor of your bedrooms and living rooms.

For your wooden decks outdoors, you can select gradient pastels with appealing patterns. The best pastel colors to achieve comfort and beauty are lavender, pink, and baby blue.

8. Multi-colored Rugs

Bringing dual or multi-toned rugs is another approach to creating the most inspiring places. You can have rich classic and gentle themes, metallic embellishments, and monochromatic gradients for these vibrant rugs. 

As for materials, you can choose from polyester, jute, cotton, wool, and silk. These rugs will serve as masterpieces on both exteriors and interiors. They add a splash of color and style, greatly contributing to the improvement of the overall aesthetics of a space.

Final Thoughts!

For the embellishment of floors with rugs, the selection of color is the most integral factor that you must keep in mind while purchasing. Colors make a noticeable impact on a space's overall style and ambiance. Some of the best rug color ideas for indoors and outdoors include natural, earthy, monochromatic, and pastel tones. Additionally, you can select rugs with metallic accents, multi-colors, and pastel touches to give your living spaces an elegant finish.

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