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Vintage Beige-2302941 - Beige
Part of a vintage collection, this beige-colored piece features the remarkable style that dominates in any space. Made in Iran, this acrylic-bamboo, handmade piece has approximately 8mm thickness which makes them perfect for areas with high foot activity. Also, it represents the angular design...
AED. 1,200.00
AED. 1,200.00
  • Beige
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Hand Knotted Grey Acrylic Bamboo Rug - Grey
Gladly present you our most inspiring grey-themed rug which is the epitome of elegance, comfort, and uniqueness. This hand-crafted piece is constructed using acrylic bamboo material, features repetitive angular patterns, and lasts for a prolonged time. For a charming effect and utmost comfort, this...
AED. 1,200.00
AED. 1,200.00
  • Grey
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Irani Hand Knotted Non Slip Bamboo Rugs - Grey
Get inspired by our unique and functionally favorable anti-slip rugs. These handmade rugs are equally stylish and safe options for quick room makeovers. Available with soft and stable backings, they stay in place for long. Also, it has stripped-lined raised patterns on the overall...
AED. 1,200.00
AED. 1,200.00
  • Grey
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8 Colorful And Unique Rugs For Your Home

by Rugs Dubai 12 Mar 2024

Covering your home floors with rugs is the best idea for comfort and decor improvement. Rugs come in endless styles, materials, and color tones to give indoor and outdoor spaces a charming appearance. Depending on your unique requirements, you can have a lot of choices for colors and designs.

To create an alluring look and visual interest, colorful rugs are undoubtedly the best choice for residential spaces. With these rugs, you can improve the look of any space timelessly, adding comfort and elegance to it. If you want to purchase new rugs and are looking for unique recommendations, this guide is for you.

Top Colorful And Unique Rug Choices

1. Colorful Boho Rugs

Shop For Colorful Boho Rugs

To give your interiors a luxurious makeover and enhance their visual appeal, boho rugs are the most fascinating choice. Boho rugs are the traditional style floor coverings that are an exceptional expression of creativity.

These floor coverings are crafted using different types of robust materials along with different combinations of colors. These rugs with signature styles, unique appearance, and versatility of color tones are a great choice to enhance any space’s beauty.

2. Purchase Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Purchase Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are among the nicest and most classic options to give your interiors a pleasant appearance. These sumptuous style floor coverings are hand-made by tribal weavers, featuring minimal yet detailed patterns and layouts.

These floor embellishment accessories are renowned for their bright and playful colors. Besides bright colors, these rugs also feature three-dimensional designs. These layouts are categorized further as embroidered options, geometric style, and rectangular patterns. Because of the ideal blend of fascinating colors, these rugs are an exceptional choice to go for.

3. Refresh Rooms With Multi-colored Area Rugs

Refresh Rooms With Multi-colored Area Rugs

A multicolored rug is the best option if you want to update the appearance of your interiors and create a pleasant atmosphere at the entryway. These colorful floor-covering essentials are available in a variety of shades and patterns to suit all interior settings.

Also, you get a huge selection of Animal Print Rugs to choose from for these floor coverings. These Animal print rugs come in chevron, coastal, distressed, floral, and geometric designs, as well as all-over patterns or sections of patterned borders. Each style has its own unique aesthetics and will beautify your interiors uniquely and elegantly.

4. Add Stripped Or Lined Patterned Rugs

Add Stripped Or Lined Patterned Rugs

Stripped and lined rugs are another trendy choice to add some color, pattern, and texture to your spaces. These floor embellishment essentials are perfect to add beauty and comfort both indoors and outdoors. You can also style your patios and decks with these rugs.

You can enhance your room’s decor by adding these textured or patterned floor coverings, featuring fine lines and curved or straight striped patterns. These striped and patterned floor rugs fit all interior styles and schemes whether modern or traditional.

5. Bring A Splash Of Color With Persian Rugs

Bring A Splash Of Color With Persian Rugs

Oriental or Persian rugs have always been the most perfect choice to improve the visual interest of any living space. With richness of color and complexity of design, these extraordinarily beautiful rugs hold a traditional significance, representing the cultural heritage of their origin.

You can get these rugs in light color tones for a soft ambiance. However, you can also find them in exciting bold shades for outstanding area decorations.

6. Choose Modern Colorful Floor Rugs

Choose Modern Colorful Floor Rugs

You have many choices of beautiful floor coverings when it comes to designing modern decor themes. From vibrant to monochrome and light to dark, a number of choices are available among which you can easily discover a perfect fit for your house.

For modern style rugs, you have thousands of choices to get your hands on. Dotted, striped and floral rugs and those with abstract art or minimal designs and solid colors are some of the best ideas for modern aesthetics.

7. Incorporate Rugs With Tropical Prints

Incorporate Rugs With Tropical Prints

Rugs with tropical prints are a wonderful choice to improve the style and ambiance of your spaces. With unique island-style florals and colorful palm fronds, these decorative floor coverings will be the best colorful addition to your offices.

These machine-woven rugs offer a unique design statement because of printed leaves, petals, and other nature-inspired artistic layouts. Tropical print rugs are available in cypress green, orange, coral, turquoise, and red and various other colors to sync with both modern and vintage interiors.

8. Select Rugs With Blends Of Soft Colors

Select Rugs With Blends Of Soft Colors

If you want to add a pop of color to your rooms without canceling out the entire decor, neutral rugs are the best choice for you. Among neutral colors, the most popular options are red, white, gray, beige, soft blue, cream, blush pink, and olive green.

You can also get these rugs in an ombre style combining dual or triple colors. These coverings will instantly uplift the look of your rooms, and add softness and warmth as well. Also, you can give a fun touch to your spaces with portrait-style rugs.

To Conclude!

Addition of area rugs is the most outstanding, classic, and economical approach for floor decorating. Rugs come in a diversity of colors and styles for the aesthetic and visual enhancement of homes. You can select colorful striped, lined, dotted, ombre-effect, or geometric-style floor rugs for a fascinating home decor. Additionally, for a unique touch, you can go for abstract, neutral, floral, traditional, shaggy, and woolen rugs.

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