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7 Reasons Why Persian Rugs Are So Expensive and Valuable

by Rugs Dubai 10 Nov 2023

Handwoven Persian rugs are the most popular floor coverings due to their multiple unique features. These rugs not only enhance the ambiance of the floor but also reflect your style and personality. In this explanatory blog post, we have elaborated on 7 effective reasons why Persian floor rugs are so expensive and valuable. 

Persian Rugs Are Expensive & Valuable | 7 Reasons

If you have a simple question in your mind why Persian rugs are expensive? We put our best efforts into debunking the substantial answer to this simple question. We have described each possible reason in detail for your absolute understanding of Persian floor covering.

  1. Place Of Origin
  2. Intricate Craftmanship
  3. Materials Quality
  4. Time Consumption 
  5. Unique Designs And Patterns
  6. Cultural And Economic Factors
  7. Investment Perspective
  • Place Of Origin

Place Of Origin

Persian rugs are so named due to their place of origin–Persia. Persia is an old name of Iran. Authentic Persian floor rugs have a deep history (2500 years) of traditions and craftsmanship. The unique patterns and colors exhibit the traditional history of these rugs. In Iran, multiple kinds of rugs have been crafted with some unique aspects. Isfahan, Tabriz, Kashan, Kerman, Heriz, Bakhtiari, and Qum are the most popular Persian floorings. All these rugs are named due to their concerned regions, distinct heritage, and unique styles. However, this history of traditions makes Persian carpets and rugs more valuable for users. 

  • Intricate Craftmanship

Intricate Craftmanship

When we talk about Persian rugs, we enter in the planet of traditional craftsmanship. Crafting high-quality Iranian rugs requires shearing, cleaning, and dyeing of natural wool from sheep. This oriental rug is a heritage of both adeptness and culture. Moreover, these handcrafted rugs possess a large number of knots and these knots are tied with hand individually. 

Weavers utilize particular tools and techniques to tie these knots. To create intricate rug patterns, these weavers use their long-lasting memory instead of marking the design. In addition, a small-sized rug may take months to be ready for use. All these aspects make this floor covering highly valuable and expensive. 

  • Materials Quality

Materials Quality

These prestigious rugs are crafted with superior-quality materials to create a fascinating ambiance. The unique combination of high-quality wool, cotton, silk, organic, and natural dyes makes this floor covering more elegant and traditional. Kurk wool from sheep is a paramount material to make this rug more comfortable and durable. To add luxurious colors and patterns, a premium quality of silk has been used along with wool. Also, to make a strong foundation of knots, high-quality cotton is also used. All these predominant materials and techniques add value to these Iranian rugs. 

  • Time Consumption 

Time Consumption

Another remarkable reason for the high value and expense of these Iranian rugs is their time consumption. These valuable rugs require ample time to complete due to their complicated fabrication process. The master weavers of these prestigious rugs use their unique and incredible skills to manage thousands of knots according to the designed pattern. This labor-intensive task must ensure the precise crafting of these rugs. 

  • Unique Designs And Patterns

Unique Designs And Patterns

All the Persian regions have their distinct rug designs, patterns, colors, and history due to their unique cultural terms and traditions. In addition, the weaving process of these Iranian rugs is very complicated instead of a simple mechanical process. In this way, each weaver added his touch in crafting these rugs to make them distinct. The portraits on these rugs manifest the deep stories of culture, protection, and love. The intricate rug crafting skills are passed down from generation to generation. This coherence ensures that these rugs should have high value. 

  • Cultural And Economic Factors

Cultural And Economic Factors

As these rugs originated from Iran (Persia), this land has been facing multiple geopolitical complexities, trade restrictions, and sanctions for years. Due to these trade barriers, these rugs are now rare in the international market. Due to severe rarity and high demand these Persian rugs are highly valuable and expensive. Persian floor carpets and rugs carry international recognition due to their cultural heritage and artistic craftsmanship adding an increment in their demands all over the world. 

  • Investment Perspective

Investment Perspective

Having a high-quality authentic Iranian carpet is a good investment for carpet lovers. The long history of these rugs makes them antique and cultural assets. The momentous exhibitions worldwide make them valuable and expensive. Being an aesthetic and cultural item, these rugs have gained their unique value in the market. Moreover, international investors play a crucial role in preserving the heritage of these well-known rugs. As these rugs are not a financial investment, we can preserve them as traditional and cultural investments. 

Wrapping Up!

We have logically explained the most considerable 07 factors that contribute to adding value and money demands for Persian rugs. Including crafting techniques, quality materials, time consumption, and cultural value, these prestigious Persian rugs have their unique identity and traditional history. In short, all these effective reasons (that are mentioned in the blog) make this rug more valuable and much more expensive.

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