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How Extra-Large Rugs Fit In With Current Colors Trends?

by Rugs Dubai 29 Nov 2023

Rugs play an excellent role in transforming the style and comfort of your interior and exterior places. Floor rugs add warmth, texture, and a splash of colors to your spaces with their eye-catching designs. Rugs come in plenty of sizes to fit the room's proportions perfectly. You can get rugs in small, medium, and large sizes.

Extra large or oversized rugs are also available in the market for spacious living rooms, master bedrooms, and grand dining areas. If you want to purchase an extra-large rug to align with the latest color trends, we’ve prepared this easy guide for you to know how to incorporate rugs while matching with the rest of the decor perfectly.

Understand About Extra Large Rug Size And Their Benefits

Understand About Extra Large Rug Size And Their Benefits

Extra large rugs are designed to cover a significant amount of floor space. These rugs exceed the size of standard rugs. They differentiate in terms of measurements to make a significant impact on the overall aesthetics and look of the space. Standard rug size is 8’ by 10 while extra large rugs go beyond 12’ by 15’. Having extra large rugs has enormous benefits that are listed below:

  • Providing Warmth And Comfort
  • Enhancing Visual Appeal
  • Creating An Illusion Of Spaciousness
  • Anchor Any Seating Area Or Furniture
  • Improving The Level Of Energy Efficiency

Tips To Decorate Extra Large Rugs In Your Home Interiors

Let’s discover the tips to style your spaces with extra large rugs.

1. Select From Different Rug Styles

Select From Different Rug Styles

When you are shopping for extra large rugs, the most important step is the selection of materials. As these rugs cover a large portion of your rooms, you should select the material considering the foot traffic of the place.

To add a touch of refinement and grace to your homes, you have the available choices of Persian, shag, wool, polyester, nylon, velvet, silk, cotton, jute, and sisal materials. Also, you can consider their thickness, pile heights, shapes, patterns, and textures.

2. Consider The Existing Room Scheme

Consider The Existing Room Scheme

For color coordination, pick the rug that ideally go with the existing room decor. You can choose dominant colors to create a bold statement in your spaces. You must take existing colors and textures of the room into account to select the rug that aligns with the interior scheme.

You can also select rugs with minimal designs and light colors to add a interior-defining touch to your living spaces. For complementary decor, select a rug color one or two tones lighter or darker than the room scheme to not overwhelm a space.

3. Look For An Ideal Placement Position

Look For An Ideal Placement Position

Proper positioning of rugs also makes a great visual impact in any place. For living rooms, you can place your extra large-size rugs under the furniture set to create a well-organized styling. For bedrooms, you can position your rug under the bed while extending beyond the foot side of the bed.

It will create a luxurious feel whenever you step out of bed. Additionally, for dining areas, make sure that your rugs extend beyond the table and chair, offering enough space for movement when one pulls out a chair.

4. Coordinate Colors With Furniture Accessories

Coordinate Colors With Furniture Accessories

You can create the focal points with rugs by matching their color and style with the furnishing accessories. If your furniture features a bold or modern look, you can go for rugs with minimal layouts.

For classic or vintage furniture essentials, you can select rugs with detailed designs or intricate patterns. Selecting rug color and design in accordance with furniture will bring a harmonious feel and a well-balanced interior design.

5. Harmonize Rug Size With Room Dimensions

Harmonize Rug Size With Room Dimensions

The most important aspect to consider when you have an extra large size rug is your room layout. A large-sized rug in spacious rooms creates a sense of balance, providing maximum floor coverage. 

These rugs create an illusion of a large space that extends beyond the furniture arrangement. While in a small room, these rugs create a border for flooring around the edges. A visually pleasing contrast can be created timelessly between the surrounding space and your rug.

6. Evaluate Rug’s Maintenance & Durability

Evaluate Rug’s Maintenance & Durability

Select the rug materials considering the specific area requirements and preferences. When buying a large-sized rug, consider the foot traffic of the intended space. For heavy-traffic areas, nylon, polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene are the best choice.

For styling purposes, velvet, silk, and wool are the best choices to settle for. Select the rugs that are stain, moisture, and UV-resistant. Additionally, you must inspect about rug maintenance and longevity before investing in one. Pick extra large rugs that can withstand both indoor and outdoor use.

Final Thoughts!

Rugs can elevate your space design and fit ideally with any interior style if chosen perfectly. They play an important role not just in styling floors but in functional aspects as well. When decorating your spaces with rugs, it is important to consider the right rug size and materials.

When selecting extra-large rugs, you have to be mindful of the entire room scheme. Look for the room proportions, focal points, and furniture style, and select the right color accordingly. You can explore the endless possibilities for rug colors and styles to make it the centerpiece of your room. These large area rugs, when selected carefully, will create the perfect alignment in your homes.

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