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AED. 1,200.00
AED. 1,200.00
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AED. 1,200.00
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AED. 1,200.00
AED. 1,200.00
  • Grey
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Why Are Handmade Carpets Expensive?

by Rugs Dubai 12 Mar 2024

Hand-knotted carpets are woven by the skillful weavers belonging to tribes. These carpets feature an exclusivity of designs and are made with sustainable and eco-friendly practices. There's an extensive choice of designs and materials available for these traditional floor coverings.

Despite all the innovations in technology and modern machine-made carpeting solutions, hand-tufted carpets have an undeniable importance. These carpets are the symbolic representation of various cultures and traditions. If you are curious to know the reasons behind the higher costs of these carpets, this piece of information by Rugs Dubai is for you.

Factors That Make Hand-Woven Carpets More Expensive

Hand-tufted or woven carpets are exclusively woven by skillful artisans and are available in flatweave, hand-hooked, Gabbeh, Kilim, and Heriz styles. Let’s get to know the reasons that make these handmade floor coverings expensive.

1. These Carpets Are Labor Intensive

These Carpets Are Labor Intensive

The amount of time invested in the completion of any product directly impacts its production costs. Similarly, the production of carpets by hand takes a lot of time and a group of people, hence, it is a hugely laborious work:

Fiber to Thread

Handmade carpets are first spun into threads by hand, consuming a lot of energy and time. The entire process is not expensive but it does add to the overall carpet costs because of the effort, time, and skills of the weavers.

Color Dying

Color dying is an integral part of manufacturing handmade carpets in which their threads and yarns are dyed and the procedure takes place in large containers fueled with tons of expensive coal or natural gas. The colors given to these woolen or silken carpets are also expensive.


Weaving is the most intensive, slowest, and significant part of carpet manufacturing. This detailed process includes the knotting, tufting, and hooking which is done on the large-sized frames by stretching or wrapping the threads around.


After development, the carpet needs to be washed through a process to bring out the great look out of it. Washing these floor coverings greatly eliminates the odor of natural yarns that can be unpleasant to smell, involving the consumption of time.

2. Materials Used Are Premium Quality

Materials Used Are Premium Quality

Hand-tufted carpet construction involves the usage of premium quality natural materials. The most popular and widely used fibers are silk, cotton, and wool, and a combination of each. Let’s discover each material type shortly.


In the construction of most antique rugs, heavy-duty and durable wool is utilized. Sheep and goat wool is widely used that create the most expensive carpets including mohair or angora.


Another renowned material option is cotton which is used to create most of the floor covering essentials along with blends of polyester. Raw cotton fibers are used in the weaving process of these carpets which is an entirely expensive material.


To create a handmade floor covering piece, silk is another natural material option to be used. The most exclusive one is mulberry silk which gives your floor covering accessories a sumptuous and luxurious look.

3. Designs Are Unique


It is undeniably true that hand-woven carpets come in a diversity of unique and one-of-a-kind styles. These coverings are symbolic and cultural representations of their tribes, manifesting the most exclusive styles, patterns, borders, and textures. With the most expensive carpet finishes, depth, color richness, and binding, these accessories greatly contribute to the production costs.

4. Rarity Of Choices

Rarity Of Choices

Another interesting aspect about these flooring coverings is that they are one-of-a-kind and limited in quantity, unlike machine-made ones that are available in bulk. These coverings are valuable in terms of choices and are also sought after by collectors. Often these carpets are made to order and take days and even months to be produced, hence, they are very rare.

5. A Traditional & Valuable Asset

A Traditional & Valuable Asset

Both handmade Turkish and Persian carpets are highly valuable masterpieces. Each of these carpets has a unique and intricate design, indicating the culture and traditions of different regions.

6. Offer High Durability

Offer High Durability

Another best part about these floor carpets is their build quality and durability. They are finely woven by hand with great care and attention to every minor to major detail. In other words, a handmade carpet is a highly sophisticated piece that lasts for generations in every interior setting.

7. High Pile Density

High Pile Density

The quality of soft floorings is determined by their pile density and knot per inch. Compared to machine-made ones, hand-made floor coverings have higher pile heights and more knots that lead to greater sustainability, luxury and comfort.

In The End

Handmade carpets have notable cultural and traditional significance as they are finely woven by skillful weavers from Turkish, Persian, and Moroccan tribes. Every carpet type has a different pricing depending on its exclusive styles and materials. When compared to machine-made carpets, handwoven floor embellishment accessories are way more expensive. Behind the high cost of these carpets, there are many reasons and factors such as the amount of time, premium materials, and intensive labor required. Additionally, the rarity of design, resilience, and rich colors make them a worthwhile addition to every space. These carpets are woven with traditional techniques that are passed from one generation to the next

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