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Which Factors Should You Consider Before Buying Rugs?

by Rugs Dubai 29 Dec 2023

Floor rugs are the most stylish and affordable way to elevate the aesthetics and add life to the dull areas of your residential and commercial spaces. Rugs come in a diversity of styles to sync the aesthetics of any traditional and modern interior setting. With an overwhelming choice of designs and patterns, these rugs ideally anchor any room style, boosting the visuals and overall vibe of the space.

Whether you are shopping for rugs for your living spaces or want to enhance the elegance and charm of your commercial offices, it is mandatory to look for every detail about them. An effective purchase of rugs needs to be regarded in various useful aspects that we’ve discussed in detail. This comprehensive guide will provide you with helpful tips for selecting the ideal rugs.

Consider 10 Tips When Purchasing Rugs

Undoubtedly, with an overwhelming design choice available in the Dubai market, it would be difficult to select a perfect rug. That is why, we’ve listed integral factors to be mindful of in this guide in detail.

1. The Perfect Rug For Perfect Outlook

The Perfect Rug For Perfect Outlook

Rugs are the most elegant pieces to cover your floors that create the most mesmerizing interiors with numerous design possibilities. Each woven piece is a work of art that exudes an unmatchable aura of magnificence when incorporated at the perfect location.

The selection of a perfect rug involves the integrity of each and every factor for the right match. You can satisfy the ideality of purchase by selecting a rug that is equally stylish and practical. When selecting, the appearance of the rug matters a lot to set the overall tone of the room.

2. Your Lifestyle And Personal Preferences

Your Lifestyle And Personal Preferences

When you go for a rug purchase, remember that you are investing in an art piece that will last for generations. So, the first thing that you must consider is your unique aesthetic taste and lifestyle preferences.

Among the number of options and major rug styles available, you can pick traditional, modern, geometrical, floral, and transitional pieces. The aesthetic sense of every individual is different from each other, so, you can customize each and every aspect of your rugs through professional services and get the rug of your individual design statement.

3. Purpose And Usage Of Rugs

Purpose And Usage Of Rugs

It is also important to determine the usage and function of the rug in your living after the purchase. For shopping, you have to undertake various useful aspects like the existing interior decor theme. 

For homes with pets and kids, you will need to invest in stain and shed-resistant rugs. For small and spacious rooms, you can buy small to large-sized rugs. Considering the foot traffic of an intended space whether, it’s a bedroom, living room, or kitchenette, select the appropriate pile height.

4. Look For The Material Variety

Look For The Material Variety

Whether you want to add a touch of traditional magnificence or look to create a sophisticated aura, you have the flexibility to choose from versatile traditional and minimal modern patterns and layouts.

Among the bundle of options available, you can select cotton, jute, sisal, brocade, velvet, shag, silk, polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. You can select rug textures following your indoor & outdoor area specifications. Additionally, these rugs are created with a combination of natural and synthetic materials. Wool, polyester, and cotton are the most popular combinations for rugs. Read our full guide about how to buy an area rugs? for outdoor spaces.

5. Determine The Size And Shape

Determine The Size And Shape

After the selection of material for floor covering essentials, look for the versatile shape options available in the market for rugs. Rugs feature diverse unique and fascinating shapes to highlight the specific portion of the floor in your living and working spaces.

For shapes, you can pick round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, triangular, oval, curved, and other irregular ones with inspiration from various living and non-living things. Additionally, you must select the appropriate size for rugs that ideally coordinate the unique layout of your rooms. Aside from small, medium, large, and standard ones, the size can be customized as well.

6. Look For Color, Patterns, & Designs

Look For Color, Patterns, & Designs

When selecting rug color, textures, and layouts for rugs, keep the existing room scheme under consideration. The textured walls, tufted and upholstered furniture, ceiling, and wall scheme must be taken into account when selecting the rug color.

To add a touch of cheerfulness to your dull rooms, you can go for exciting and lively while for dark aesthetics, you can select rugs with bold color tones. For patterns and layouts, get your hands on rugs with vivid, lined, patterned, dotted, floral, geometric, petal, leaf, spiral, or curved design details.

7. Check For Rugs Quality & Durability

Check For Rugs Quality & Durability

Evaluating the quality of the rug is the most prominent factor in this regard that provides you with the best value for your investment. To check the rug quality of oriental or simple rugs, look at the thread count and backing from the back side and also look for thickness.

Also, invest in rugs that are resistant to fade out, spills, stains, moisture, and scratches for long-lasting durability. You can buy handmade rugs as these types of rugs will last longer than other machine-woven rugs in the local markets.

8. Care, Maintenance, Cleaning, Costs


RugsCare, Maintenance, Cleaning, Costs that are ideally UV, moisture, and scratch resistant, tend to offer easy aftercare. Most rugs are machine and hand-washable at home. Use light detergent and gentle hands to clean these rugs and make sure to test them out on any inconspicuous cloth.

Along with easy upkeep and maintenance, inspect the cost of rugs from the manufacturer online and plan on your budget ahead. The cost of purchasing and Installation for rugs must be inspected in detail before making a purchase.

It’s A Wrap!

Rugs are the most elegant, functional, and comfortable accessory to cover your floors. These rugs serve as the statement pieces in your interiors, creating the most pleasant yet cozy surfaces to walk over. When purchasing rugs for your living spaces, it is essential to look for several integral factors in detail for a favorable purchase.

Among the factors that you must consider before buying cheap rugs, are the intended purpose, lifestyle, and personal preferences hold much more importance. When shopping for the perfect rug for your home ornamentations, you must invest proper time in checking the quality, selecting the material, picking the color, and finding trendy design, layout, and textures. Additionally, check for the maintenance, cleaning, installation costs, durability, and warranty period for these rugs.

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