Shipping Delivery Information

Standard Delivery For Selected Orders

Rugs Dubai provides efficient delivery service across the UAE except for some non-service areas.

Noteworthy Information About Shipping Charges and Schedules

As per the company policy, you are obliged to pay the shipping charges for your ordered products. Here’s the detailed guideline about the time slots and delivery charges.

Shipping Type

Delivery Timeline

Order Value

Shipping Charges

Threshold COD (Less than AED 1,000 )

Standard Delivery Small/Standard Products

Within City Limits – 3 to 5 working days

Less than AED 200

AED 20

AED 20 + AED 10

Remote areas – 15 working days (Subject to availability of transport)

More than AED 200


AED 10

Standard Delivery Bulk Products

Within City Limits – 3 to 5 working days

Less than AED 1000

AED 150

Not Applicable

Remote areas – 15 working days (Subject to availability of transport)

More than AED 1000


Comprehensive Information About Delivery Services

For the customer’s convenience, here’s the detailed and specified information about shipping delivery rules and regulations. 

  • To schedule your delivery, we reach out to you on your registered contact number within two days of order placement.
  • We offer flexible ways such as online payments or cash on delivery for your selected order.
  • The cash-on-delivery (COD) rule also applies to the orders eligible for free delivery.
  • Clients are obliged to pay the charges for the order delivered to their threshold.
  • Your delivery date can be rescheduled if you postpone the delivery for some reason.
  • If you don’t receive the scheduled order within 15 days, the company reserves the right to terminate the order.
  • The company provides the delivery of bulk products at ground level to avoid the risk of damage.
  • If there’s an availability of service in your building like a lift, we deliver the product to your doorstep.
  • For narrow doors or passageways, and low ceilings, our delivery man won’t take the risk of threshold shipping.
  • We also have the right to impose additional handling and transportation charges in case of any aforementioned reasons. 
  • Ensure that the delivery receiving area is readily accessible, ready, and clear for the deliveryman to accommodate the products.
  • Our delivery workers are not obliged to dismantle or shift your old furniture.
  • You can get item assembling and installation services for in-house order delivery. We provide this service free of cost for orders above AED 1,000.
  • If you want to acquire product installation or assembly service, you have to ask at the time when we contact you for booking delivery slots.
  • For installations, some of the products need to fit or be mounted on the walls and ceilings. In such a case, you have to give your full consent to drilling.
  • We won’t be liable for the damage incurred to your property during fixing and installation work.
  • When necessary, our team will take photos and videos of products and accessories for quality assurance and claim purposes.
  • We try our best to deliver products on time as per the scheduled date and time.
  • However, in exceptional cases, your shipping slot will vary and be rescheduled due to genuine reasons.
  • We will notify you about the delays in delivery within a reasonable time that could be because of factors beyond our control.

Note: For more information about shipping delivery, you can refer to our FAQ section.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Delivery Time For Any Online Product Purchase?

The delivery time within city limits is 3-5 working days. In remote areas, it will be under 15 working days based on transport availability.

2. Do You Deliver Items Internationally?

No! Our shipping services are limited to all the regions of the United Arab Emirates.

3. How Can I Track My Shipment?

Currently, our platform doesn’t have a live order tracking system. We update the status of your order via email. In emergency cases, you can contact our customer representative team.

4. Is Shipping Free, If Not, What Is The Minimum Price Of Purchase Required For Free Delivery?

We provide free delivery for the minimum purchase of AED 1000. Below this price range, we cost you shipping charges as per the company policy. 

5. Will There Be An Option For Express Delivery At An Extra Cost, If So Then What Will Be The Cost?

We don’t have an express shipping service right now. In the near future, you can expect this facility at an extra cost.

6. Is There a Cash-On-Delivery Facility Available? If Yes, What Will Be The Additional Charges?

Yes! We provide cash on delivery for every item. The charges per order are 10 AED.

7. Is There Any Limit On The Quantity, Weight, Or Dimension Of The Products That I Can Purchase Online?

No! There’s not any limit on your purchase ability in terms of quantity, dimension, or weight. You can refer to our team in case of physical restrictions.

8. Can We Cancel The Order After Dispatch But Before The Scheduled Delivery Date? If Yes, Then How Will The Refund Process Be?

No! We don’t allow the order to be canceled once it is ready to dispatch. However, you can request a return separately after delivery. You can cancel the order without any charges.

9. How Can A Product Be Considered For A Repair/ Refund/ Exchange Or Cancellation, If An Issue Is Found Post-Delivery?

If there’s a manufacturing defect or quality issue, or the delivered product has missing parts, Rugs Dubai will take responsibility and issue a refund in accordance with the company’s policy.

10. What If I Receive An Incorrect Order? Can The Correct Product Be Delivered On Priority?

Any mismatch or incorrect product will be replaced within the targeted timespan of 3 working days.

11. What If I Don’t Like The Product After Delivery?

If the product is unused, uninstalled, or has original packaging, you can get a refund within 14 working days. 

12. What If I Am Unavailable At The Shipping Time, Which Was Scheduled After Checking My Convenience? Can I Reschedule The Delivery? Will There Be Any Charges For The Same?

 Yes! We will reschedule your delivery to another available date. However, if you are not reachable for the next 14 days, we reserve the right to cancel the order and you will be granted a refund.

13. Can I Nominate Someone Else To Receive The Order On My Behalf?

Yes! You can always nominate someone else but the person must have a copy of your ID at the time of delivery. You must contact our representatives in advance to nominate the recipient.

14. Can I Change The Shipping Address After I Have Purchased The Products Online?

Yes! You can change the location before dispatch being in the same city. However, you’ll need to call our team because we don’t make deliveries in some areas.

15. Can I Add Products To The Existing Order Placed And Include Them In The Same Delivery?

We don’t allow amendments to the existing orders. You’ll need to raise a new order for additional products.

16. What If The Furniture Ordered Doesn’t Fit Into Elevator, Staircase Or Space Itself?

We suggest checking the dimensions of the product before placing an order. In case, the product can’t be readily delivered to the location because of physical restrictions, obstacles, and dwellings, we’ll issue a refund or exchange with Additional service charges of 150 AED.